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Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch

Keep fit and burn calories while playing a video game with this fitness accessory for the Nintendo Switch.

The aim of the game is to make your way through courses by doing various physical exercises to eventually set the world free controlled by a deadly dragon.

The pack comes with two accessories; the Ring-Con, which you hold in your hands, and the Leg-Strap that fastens to your thigh. The Joy-Con controllers are attached to each accessory to detect body movement that controls your character.

For example, jogging in place will move your character forward, squeezing the Ring-Con while pointing it downwards allows you to jump over obstacles and doing knee lifts to climb up stairs.

Like any video game, there are enemies that need to be defeated in order to progress through the game. You and your enemies take turns attacking and different physical exercises deal different amounts of damage; the harder the exercise, the more damage is dealt.

As well as the adventure mode, the game features the Quick Play mode, where players can exercise specific parts of the body or play minigames to work on various areas of the body.

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