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Pierre the Penis Body Pillow

Pierre the Penis Body Pillow

One of the worst things about being single is that you don’t have someone to cuddle or release that pent-up sexual energy with every night before you go to sleep.

If you need either to help you get a better night’s sleep, you can now own a giant 4ft penis shaped body pillow that you can cuddle in bed just like you would with a boyfriend.

His name is Pierre so we assume he’s from France but we’re not 100% sure. No one really knows where he is from because he’s being all mysterious and not telling anyone. But if he is from France, then we imagine he would whisper really romantic things into your ear in a sexy French accent while you’re lying in bed.

The advantage of having Pierre over a human boyfriend is that he will never say anything stupid to annoy you, argue back, make a mess of your bedroom or fart in bed. Plus, he has the cutest smile that could make you fall in love with him. Why would you want to go back to a regular human?

He has a massive pair of bollocks so you can use them as two supporting pillows, providing comfort for when you want to read a book or just stalk your friends on Facebook.

This would make a great gift for anyone who is feeling a bit lonely and needs a huge comforting penis in their life right now.

Pierre also comes in a head pillow so if one penis in your bed isn’t enough, have a threesome and get another smaller one.