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Hen Party Games Pack

Hen Party Games Pack

Bring some fun and naughtiness to any hen party with this party pack, which includes four games that will keep you laughing all night long.

Pin the Junk on the Hunk is similar to pin the tail on the donkey but with willies. The aim is to pin the twelve penises on to the poster of the naked man in the right place while blindfolded. Whoever gets closest to the target wins.

Dick Head Hoopla requires good hand-eye co-ordination as you try to throw rings onto the penis strapped to another person’s head.

Go crazy and have fun with the 20 pre-assembled photo booth props which includes blank speech bubbles as you dress up and enjoy single life with the bride-to-be before she gets sentenced to a life of boredom with her partner.

The Mr. and Mrs. Quiz game contains cards with 20 questions that the groom-to-be has to answer about her before the hen party and then the bride-to-be has to guess his answers. Questions include ‘What is the most embarrassing thing she has ever done?’, ‘What are you most likely to argue about?’ and ‘Who gets the last word in an argument?’. This game has the potential to destroy the marriage before it has even begun if the groom-to-be answers honestly, which could make for a very entertaining night for the rest of the hens!